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Here is a sneak peek at just a few tips:


There are a few easy ways to know if you should bite the bullet and throw away that mascara and buy a new one.  If it has been about 3 months but you are not completely sure exactly when you bought it, watch for these signs and you will know it is definitely time to toss it.

  1. It is getting thick and clumpy or dried out, meaning it has been used repeatedly and enough to start to change the consistency.
  2. It is starting to smell stronger, a sure sign that bacteria is infiltrating your mascara
  3. It is burning your eyes or making them water and it didn’t before.
  4. You have gotten redness or possible pink eye developing
  5. Be sure to watch for these signs so you can avoid eye infections!


We use skin care mainly to keep our skin supple and nourished but often we don’A™t know for sure if the products are working for us. One sure fire way to tell is to check and see if your skin is dehydrated. One sign of dehydration is dry patches on the surface of your skin and the other is through a dehydration test. Go in the mirror and lift the skin on the side of your jaw as if you were plumping it. You can also test it by plumping just underneath your cheekbone. If it looks wrinkly like a crinkled newspaper then you are dehydrated. Your skin care will be the biggest culprit but factors like lack of water intake, smoking, drinking, stress and environment can add to the problem. YOU NEED TO BUY PRODUCTS THAT ARE MORE HYDRATING; YOURS IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU.


Even makeup artists fall into a rut sometimes doing the same look over and over. There comes a time when stepping up to the plate and admitting we need a makeup change is a good thing. If you are tired of your look imagine how the people closest to you might feel about you always using the same old colors applied the same old way. Doing something that is quick and comfortable is just something we do as humans. The best way to step outside the box and try something new is to have someone else do your makeup or to buy a couple colors that you are sure you don’t have in your makeup drawer but are close enough that to colors you like that you will actually use them. You can also just make a conscious effort to apply the makeup you have differently by watching a tutorial on YouTube or copy something you saw in a magazine. Maybe you can try eyeliner on your water line or no eyeliner for a change.  These small differences might inspire you to change your makeup look and expand your range of colors.


With all the options out there it is hard enough to find your right color never mind finding a foundation type with the coverage and texture that you like. There are many different types of textures and levels of coverage out there not to mention varying price ranges. My suggestion is to determine what your priorities are when choosing. When possible feel it in your fingers and then swab it on your face. Check to see that it is not too heavy or too light. As it dries ensure you are not experiencing a chalky residue. You can also easily have an allergic reaction from foundation through bumps, breakouts and even a sinus allergy attack so be aware of this when trying new brands. A sample is always a great idea to give you a day or two to make sure your skin is accepting the product and it feels good on. If you are deathly afraid of having a reaction try it on the inside skin of your upper arm, this area is sensitive like your face and if you are allergic or sensitive you will see redness or bumps within an hour.


Lipstick color is as much about personality as it is suitability. A person who would look fantastic in red lipstick might not have the courage to wear it with confidence. Many people choose the wrong lipstick shades to avert bringing too much attention from onlookers and choose a muted down version of what colors work best for them. The best way to tell if a lipstick color will work is to first prep your lips properly so you can make a fair assessment of the color. Apply a little base or concealer to the rim of your lip and then seal with powder. Use a neutral lip liner to frame your lips properly, then you will be able to see if a lipstick is truly right or wrong for you. If you love a color but it comes across harsh just simple infuse some clear or neutral lip gloss to make the texture less potent and it will become more of a stain. This method will allow you to expand your color selection without feeling like your lips are overwhelmingly strong.  Challenge yourself to be experimental and if it feels off or wrong for your coloring keep exploring tones until it feels like it fits you and enhances your look.

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