Whether you are getting married or want to make a part or full time income making brides look fantastic for their dream wedding, Our Bridal Makeup Course will show you all of the techniques you need to enhance that memorable day.


All Brides have dreams of their special day and looking fantastic is so important to the whole event. Not only should your makeup be photo perfect but it also has to reflect your personal style and enhance all of the ideas you have created for your wedding. Whether you want to do the makeup yourself or take this course so you can become an artist and help brides achieve that special look, Face It! Bridal Course is the right choice for you.

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Trial runs are always a good idea to help everyone relieve makeup disaster worries. The wedding is opening night and the trial run is the dress rehearsal. Sometimes it takes more than one try to get the look you want and that is ok. Better to feel confident than to not be happy with the look!

Doing the makeup yourself or having a makeup artist do it is such a personal choice. It is all up to you. Some people prefer to have a pampered experience and ideally, if the artist is good, it is always a wonderful experience. On the other hand, you may want to keep your makeup in your own control which also saves money. Just make sure you learn techniques that need to be considered when taking this on. This course will help you alleviate all of your worries.

It might initially be a nervous thought. But what if we can teach you how to transform yourself to the picture perfect bride? What if you learn the techniques most of the professional makeup artists don’t even know?

Learn Professional Wedding Makeup Techniques

The Bridal Makeup course teaches you exactly how to look even better than you’ve imagined. Take a look at the pictures on this page. You’ll see what an amazing difference it makes when you know how to apply makeup correctly. Therefore I’m advising you to take the Bridal Makeup Course and practice on yourself until you’ve created an absolutely stunning bridal look. Not only will you save a lot of money, but also use what you’ve learned and apply it to your everyday makeup as well. The knowledge and skill stay with you.

Does This Really Work And What Does It Include?

Yes It Works!

The Bridal Makeup Course consists of training manuals and online video tutorials that are accessible from the website. This course starts as soon as you join and you can complete it on your own time. After joining the makeup course, you will have immediate access to the full video tutorials, manuals and bonuses.

You can watch and rewind as much as you like until you are 100% satisfied and know exactly what to do. You also have access to advice and support from our professional makeup artists. Members are able to ask make up questions they have and receive Professional advice within 48 hours. Becoming a Face It! member has many amazing advantages.

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Step By Step Professional Wedding Makeup Training

The Bridal Makeup Course is not only a fun experience but it will actually show you how to apply wedding makeup perfectly and create stunning looks for your wedding and other events. The complete list of makeup videos included in this makeup course is:

  • Skin Care
  • Bridal Makeup Planning
  • Complete makeup Application
  • Bridal Look # 1
  • Hairstyling and Eyelashes
  • Mature and Ethnic Makeup

Plus You Get Our Complete Set of Bonus Videos!

  • Fair Maiden to Bronze Goddess
  • Flawless Look
  • Egyptian Sparkle
  • Arctic Look
  • Cat Eyes
  • 5 Minute Natural Eyes
  • Purple Fantasy
  • Bridal Beauty
  • Dramatic Night on the Town
  • Juli Roberts Inspired Look
  • Rock Star Girl Look
  • Aqua Fusion
  • Orchid Ice
  • Smokey Eyes

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“I needed a way to save money on my wedding without compromising the look and feel of the day. Face It! Bridal Course saved me over $750 on costs by getting the bridesmaids together for two afternoons and creating the look we wanted for the wedding. What an amazing time we had! All of our makeup was so awesome and I recommend this to anyone getting who is budget concise. Once I understood the “must do’s and don’ts” it was easy and I have pictures that will last forever. My husband said I never looked so beautiful!”

- Barb Esposito, Face It! Bridal Course Graduate.

“I wanted a way to make extra money and I really love weddings. When I saw that I could actually make money as a makeup artist with Face It! Makeup Course I gave it a try. Not only am I making a extra $1500 a month doing weddings I am able to stay home with my 2 year old son and it has made a huge difference on our household income. My first wedding I made over $300 dollars in 3 hours, incredible.”

- Liz Conner, Face It! Bridal Graduate

“I wanted a really simple inexpensive wedding but I still wanted to look great. I decided to take the Face It! Bridal course. My concern was that I was never that good at doing my own makeup and if I could pull off a polished bridal look. My husband could not believe I did the makeup myself, he said it was the prettiest I have ever looked. Not only that, but the course teaches skin care and makeup fundamentals for everyday so I was able to use my knowledge for a new business look as well. Thanks Face It!”

- Karen Albright, Face It! Bridal Graduate

  • Learn how to prepare your makeup so the photographs are pro perfect
  • Select a theme that will work in person and in photos
  • Create a realistic beauty budget that you can stick to – with no surprises
  • Learn how to bring out your personal style within your wedding
  • Do you love weddings and want to be a wedding makeup artist? Get all the tools you need including:
    1. How much to charge
    2. Consultations
    3. Trial runs
    4. How to earn a great living as a Bridal Makeup Artist…
  • Find out what you must do to keep a relaxed and fun atmosphere forgoing the “stress”
  • Create a bridal theme for the makeup party including color concepts
  • What about the Moms, Flower Girls and Men? They need help too!

Members Also Receive A Free Makeup Ideas Handbook


More Advantages Of Becoming A Face It! Bridal Member?

1. Learn how to Apply Your Bridal Makeup Professionally and get a new sense of confidence and a look that truly reflects your unique personality, individuality and style. Bridal Makeup should enhance your features and represent your bridal concept and theme. Face It! will show you how to uncover your greatest beauty potential.

2. Access to over 20 professional instructional videos which teach from beginner to advanced levels. No other course can compare to the tips, tricks and instruction in these videos.

3. Helps you feel you’re the most beautiful inside and out. Includes never before released information that can change your life. Increase your confidence and share your knowledge with your friends!

4. You will have access to our team of expert makeup artists through our website for any questions you have. If you have a personal makeup question don’t hesitate to email us.

5. You’ll receive our Face It! Makeup Ideas Handbook. Makeup is about inspiration along with technique. See step by step guides on how the makeup looks are achieved and which products and colors are used so you can recreate them any time.

6. Lifetime access to updates and new video tutorials an absolute essential to keep up to date with new fashion trends. We continually create and add new training content to the member’s area.

Check out some Face It! Video Samples:

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