These reviews have not been altered in any way:

“Lora has helped me improve by leaps and bounds creatively. Through this course I have learned so much about makeup application, skin care and photoshoots. As well as improving in those areas Lora has helped me expand creatively. I love this class! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Ali, Face It Graduate.

“Whether you are considering a career in makeup or simply want to familiarize yourself with application tips and tricks, then Lora’s book and DVD series will give you all you want and more! Lora has over has over 20 years of industry experience jam packed into her products. I am a graduate of Lora’s makeup class and am now earning income and started my own makeup business. I have recently quit my previous job to pursue my new career. I am elated to know that I can finally have my dream job! None of this would have happened, if I didn’t take a step to start learning through Lora! I urge you today, to do this for yourself and purchase her book and DVD series. It will be life changing.”

Dixie Marilyn, Face It Graduate.

“Make-up builds creativity. Face It built creativity, skill and opportunity. Taking Lora’s class has been an amazing adventure between learning new techniques and skills meeting new people and experiencing a million ways to pose. “Face It” is teaching every type of girl to be confident and adventurous with a touch of glamour. I personally gained some of the most amazing times and memories and hope there is many more to come.”

Angie Cheyenne, Face It Graduate, Model and Makeup Artist.

“I would like to thanks Lora for her awesome class. This superb opportunity opened doors for me. I love makeup but this class and Lora’s teaching taught me more than makeup. I have learned colors, glamour, balance and how to succeed in this business.”

Nicki , Face It Graduate.

“As a model taking this class, I learned far more than how to pose. Throughout the course, the makeup artists were instructed how to do some of the most amazing, zany, creative and beautiful work I have ever seen. Because of this, we models not only learned our own crafts, but we were able to pick up great tips on how to do our own makeup (regardless of style) which is absolutely beneficial to someone trying to break into the industry.”

Brena , Model.